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Question Regarding Launching Mobile App



I work for an online beauty supply and I am writing because we are about to launch a mobile app and need some help.


Generally to release the mobile app on the app store, I heard that we need to submit our app built into Apple and get it tested by technicians from Apple. ( regarding security, stability etc.)

Because we will be accepting payments from Customers through in the app, I was wondering if you have some guidelines for us building the payment screen properly not to get rejected to launch the app on App Store.

I asked this question through live chat, but I was only able to get these links below. These links tell me how we can develop the app but it does not contain any information about getting tested by Apple.


If you have any guidelines on building the app payment screen, it would help our developers so much to build a proper app.


I really appreciate your time and effort.

I will look forward to hearing from you shortly.




There are few ways, which developer support team can help you out with, but to simplify the process of your app, you can even use few plugins for your app and test on your mobile device and PC too.


With Regards,

Protar Smith



Fantastic idea. Would you mind sharing a clickable link with us?