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Question about multiple website with one Authorize.Net account

We have a client who has a website we created to take reservations for ttheir hotel. They have expanded and have opened a second location which was requested to have a completely seperate website for. In this situation can we process the payments with the current account being used from the existing site or does a new new Authorize.Net account have to be created?


I've searched and the few results were a little mixed in the answers that I read. In the current setup I described the existing website is working but the new website is having all cards declined and nothing is being listed in the account so it has me to believe we need a second account but I'm trying to determine if this is actually the case.


Thanks in advance for any help in this.


As long as the funds is going to the same merchant bank account. You can have as many different website as your want.

What is the declined message on the new website? If it get reject before even going to the processor(for example. CC# is blank), it will not show on the merchant account.


It can all go to the same account, so we are good there. We are simply getting a result code of 2 which is rejected with no error code. All the data being entered for the card is correct and has been verified on the other site and accepted.


Do we need to add any information within the Authorize account for the new site?

What about Response Reason Code? like the one in


it is using sim, dpm, aim or cim? card present? or card not present account?


Do we need to add any information within the Authorize account for the new site?

The only thing I could think of is the relay response url

Thank you for the replay. It turns out it doesn't look like any issue with Authorize.Net but rather a thrid party dll that was used in the original project over three years ago and all the developers on that project are now gone. It turns out the license for that dll is specific to a URL so when we tried to use it in the new site the new URL was causing the issue. A new licnese has to be purchsed for the new site.


Thanks again for the help in this.