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Question about network change

Hello, I have a question about the network changes on the FAQ posted and was hoping someone here could validate my understanding.


The dates listed for the production testing and final switchover coincide with some dates that my team and I would like to avoid risk for outages on. I think the FAQ says I could avoid this by just switching to a non-Akamai endpoint before those dates and then I would be unaffected.


On the FAQ: it says:


How can I test my site/solution to make sure it will work after this change?

Sandbox will be updated before production and can be used to test and verify this change. You may also in production *if are you currently using Akamai api endpoint you can switch to our non-Akamai endpoint beforehand*.


What about URLs not on Akamai?
*The API endpoints not on Akamai will not be changing or impact and will continue to function as they do today*.

        Needed Action: No actions or changes.

        Production API Urls:

We currently use This page says is an alternative for that endpoint.


To summarize:


Are there any client-side differences between using and I believe we switched to when Akamai was first introduced. I was hoping to switch back to as long as the API contract, throughput, etc are all the same so we can gain stability during their planned testing dates when we don't want to risk any outages.


Thanks in advance for any help!


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