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Questions about differences between card-present and card-not-present API calls.

I'm pretty familiar with Authorize.Net’s AIM API for web development; mainly shopping cart systems.  Over the years, dealing with payment processing has led to the development of a POS card swipe solution.  It works with the Authorize.Net gateway over the AIM API. 

Our software has only handled card-not-present transactions up to this point.  I’m in the process of updating the software to handle both CP or CNP types of accounts, so I’m reading through the CP documentation on what I need to include in my API requests.  I’ve gotten my software all updated according to the documentation, but I’m running into an issue that’s confusing me.

The API response has always returned my ResponseCode which still returns values of 1,2,3, etc.  The CP documentation tells me to include a parameter called x_cpversion and set it to 1.0.  When I include this, though, I get strange results back from the API.  I end up with a ResponseCode of 1.0 as oppose to just a 1, and it still comes back 1.0 even though the transactions are failing and providing error information.  The CP documentation reads the same way the regular AIM documentation reads, though, and says that it should just be 1 for successful, 2 for declined, and 3 for error.  Again, though, I’m getting a 1.0 even though it’s not successful.  If I remove the x_cpversion parameter from my requests it all seems to go back to normal and I get a successful transaction with a 1 back.

All of that said, I’m pretty confused.  I was told I could just email this account for help with things like this.  I’d appreciate any information you can provide.  Thanks!


Have you look at

section "Fields in the Gateway Response"

Position 1 is the version and not Response code.

And most other field/position are different too.


Thanks for the info.  I've read through that but I guess I made a bad assumption that since it's the same AIM API the responses would be the same.  I should be able to fix this accordingly.  Thanks!