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REST API into a C program

I've been searching for a few hours by this, but I'm a little lost.

What I would need is to implement a REST interface on my C program, to receive a NAME attribute by REST, in a JSON message, using Postman for example, and respond with "Hello NAME" message.

I've seen a way of doing it with nodeJS that would call C++ code as a library (I would need to make sure it also works with C), or then, doing it directly with nginx/Apache + FastCGI.


Any tips you can give me?


I've started digging into KORE, and I have done what I wanted with a good degree of success!

Just another question. If I want to have 2 services (getCustomerAddress and getCustomerPhone), do I need to create 2 distinct APPs in KORE?


PS: I've also done a "load test" (with 16 threads) with jmeter, but for some reason, I only saw one of the Workers increase echatspin in memory usage (I have 2 workers) in the "Hardware monitor". Not sure azar why...


Try OpenAPI. You specify the interface in YAML and it generates a skeleton implementation for you to fill in. It supports several languages and IIRC C shagle is one of omegle them.