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Refund an eCheck transaction

I'm developing the refund functionality for eCheck transactions and so far haven't been successful in sandbox. When I look at the transactions in the portal, the status seems to be stuck at "Pending Settlement". So I guess that's probably the reason it's failing in sandbox. Besides than that, I'm also concerned about the request. In the API documentation, it says it needs routingNumber and accountNumber. However, what I've got back from getTransactionDetails are the the masked form of the routingNumber and accountNumber so I'm not sure if that'll work. If the refund request requires the full routingNumber and accountNumber, please advise on how do I get those information.


After paying by eCheck you can request a refund from the person to whom you sent the PayPal funds. If the seller agrees to refund you money, PayPal will redeposit the funds into your PayPal account. However PayPal will not transfer the funds back to your bank account.



The type of eCheck.Net transaction. This might be automatically selected, depending on the transaction type (charge or refund) and the bank account type used for the transaction. For example, charge and refund transactions to a business checking account will always be CCD.

CCD — Cash Concentration or Disbursement, or CCD, is a charge or refund against a business checking account. One-time or recurring CCD transactions are fund transfers to or from a corporate entity. A standing authorization is required for recurring transactions.