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Refund using AIM for a unsettled transaction

Per the AIM documentation:


If you are not sure whether a transaction is settled, you can attempt to submit a Void first. If the Void transaction fails, the original transaction is likely settled and you can submit a Credit for the transaction.

So am I to understand that for all full refunds I should just submit a void first on the off chance it's an unsettled transaction and then issue the credit only if the void fails?  I was originally going to use the transaction details API to look at the state of the transaction but I'd be doing this on behalf of customers which means I'd have to walk them through enabling the TD API which seems somewhat onerous especially if the accepted practice is just to submit a void first.  The only other way I had considered was when I get a 54-2 response ("The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.") at that point attempting a void but I am still unclear if an unsettled transaction is the only reason I'd get a 54-2 response hence my posting here.  Thanks in advance!





All three scenarios you mentioned would work out just fine. The response reason code 54 can be caused if the transaction is unsettled but it can also mean an invalid type, the wrong currency, an invalid reference transaction ID or settled more than 120 days ago.




Administrator Administrator

Thank you Joy!  Is there a single place I can find the possible reasons behind an error code?