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Relay Response is not sending post values

I've looked all over for answers....

using SIM,I am able to process transactions and send users to the custom relay response page, but the post values are not carrying over. the relay page only display the static text. The transaction processes without a problem - I jsut can get the post valuse to come over..any insight is much appreciated/


Step One:

I have my custom sim form set up to allow relay response:
<input type=\'hidden\' name="x_relay_response" value="TRUE">
 <input type=\'hidden\' name=x_relay_always" value="true" />
 <input type=\'hidden\' name="x_delim_data" value="FALSE">
 <input type=\'hidden\' name="x_relay_URL" value="">


Step two

I'm sent to the payment form


Step three

the payment processes and I am directed to
None of the variables I'm looking for will show up, just the static text 'testing 123':
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <meta name="generator" content="BBEdit 10.5" />

$ResponseCode       = trim($_POST['x_response_code']);
$ResponseReasonText = trim($_POST['x_response_reason_text']);
$ResponseReasonCode = trim($_POST['x_response_reason_code']);
$AVS                = trim($_POST['x_avs_code']);
$TransID            = trim($_POST['x_trans_id']);
$AuthCode           = trim($_POST['x_auth_code']);
$Amount             = trim($_POST['x_amount']);
$description        = trim($_PSOT['x_description']);

echo $desctiprion;
echo $AVS;
echo "<br />testing 123";


The first thing I noticed is that there are a couple of typos in  your code. If this is copied and pasted here, then you'll want to correct these two lines:

  $description = trim($_PSOT['x_description']);

  echo $desctiprion;


Assuming that the typos are only here in the forums, then I would try dumping the full $_POST array during testing. This can be done with:



There really are no circumstances in which the relay response page doesn't receive a post value. It isn't even an option that can be turned off. So I can otherwise only direct you to looking at your page again to make sure everything is being referenced properly.




Administrator Administrator

Thank you for the typo cxs.


Finally figured it out - sort of. The page I was posting to had an SSL certificate which was somehow not compatibaly with  I switched to a page on a different server and all of the post values come through.


I am still having trouble connecting to my database so I can store the order information.  I wonder if this could also be a problem on the server level?  The same database connection if works fine on the initial web form, then won't connect reom the relay page.