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Relay response

I using form post url as ''.

I have given proper response url of my site, for x_relay_url.
Now after 'Submit' it is redirecting to the url which I gave, but the url value is not changing,

It remains as ''. Please help...



Thank you for your reply,
It is mentioned that, if we need to redirect to our server means, should use javascript.

Which means  we are forcing to open our server using javascript, also if 'script is disabled in browser' then it fails, so any other possibilities for this?
This would be more helpful for me.




a google search give me this

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://mydomain/no_js.html">





Thank you Raynor,

I tried with your code, it didn't worked for me.


It work fine for me, what error are you getting? can you check the http traffic?

The url is not getting changed in the address bar, remains the same
Okay sure ill check.

look at the page source from the broswer, see if the code it there.

Thank you for your reply,


As you said I handled it in javascript. I forced it to land in our server.


This code worked for me.


mstrURL is variable, which holding our server path.


Response.Write("<script type=""text/javascript"">window.location.href = location.protocol + ""//"&mstrURL&""";</script>")