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Remaining Billing Cycles on ARB

I'm working in C# .net, and am trying to "renew" annual subscriptions. In this business case however, doing this does not add 12 billing cycles, instead it needs to be a total of 12 billing cycles from the time this update is called. In other words, if someone renews 6 months into a 12 month plan, the billing cycles needs to be set to 12, not 18. Will the following do this:


SubscriptionGateway gate = new SubscriptionGateway( _apiLogin, _transactionKey );
subscription = SubscriptionRequest.CreateMonthly( email, subscriptionName, amount );
subscription.SubscriptionID = subscriptionId; subscription.BillingCycles = 12; actual = gate.UpdateSubscription( subscription );



IE, will this ovveride any remaining cycles, and set the total reamining cycles to 12, as of when this is called?


Also, is there a way to NOT have to specify the amount, as I don't want to change it, and not having to lookup what the amount should be would be a nice timesaver.


Thanks in advance for shedding light on this.


show there is a CreateNew()


BillingCycles is from the startdate, and when a ARB have started, you can't change the startdate anymore.

So in your example, either cancel and create a new ARB with 12 months or continue with 18 months.




Is there any way to get/request the current subscription cycle, or remaining cycles? In this case cancelling and creating a new one is not an option as we don't store any payment information on our server.

Nothing that allow you to get for just one subscriptionID

They only have one to get all subscription