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Response Code 406 on getTransactionRequest

Hi There,

I'm trying to perform a getTranasctionRequest in C# ( core so i can't use the SDK)

I've tried with XML and JSON, but i cannot get past this error.

I always get a Response Code of 406 (even through postman), but only on this endpoint. All of the createTransactionRequests work great.

Here's the integration code, nothing complicated about this at all:

var url = new Flurl.Url(BaseUrl);

var getTransactionRequest = new TransactionDetailsRequest();
getTransactionRequest.TransactionDetails = new TransactionDetailsResponse
AuthHeader = new MerchantAuthentication { AuthName = ApiLogin, TransactionKey = ApiKey },
ReferenceId = "",
TransactionId = transactionId

var response = await url.SendJsonAsync(HttpMethod.Get, getTransactionRequest).ReceiveJson();
return response.ToInvariantString();

catch (Exception ex)
return null;