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Response Missing from

We are using the Accept Hosted method of in our application. To receive the response from the, we are following the approach suggested by, which is  using the javascript.
But sometimes we are not receiving the response from even the payment  is registered successfullly in This missing payment response leads to many issues in our application  like payment is not registered in our database even after the user receiving the confirmation email of payment success from and receiving many calls from customers saying that they receiving payment reminders even after successful payment.
Can anyone help us to overcome this issue.


Thanks in advance..


We have had reports of this issue, but haven't been able to track it down yet.  Can you be a little more specific about how you are receivng the response from  We are using the hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl setting in the getHostedPaymentPageRequest.  From looking at the web server logs, it does appear that the request for our iframecommunicator page is being received and served, but then it never triggers a post back to our web server.


My theory is that some browser is doing a more aggressive cross site scripting check and causing an error when the iframe communicator page does window.parent.parent.ourobject.onReceive().  If that's what's happening, the problem is most users wouldn't even see the error in the browser dev tools, and we haven't been able to reproduce it yet.