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Retrieving Transaction information via the Transaction Details API using VB.NET

I am attempting to use the Transaction API to retrieve transactions from Authorize.Net using the GetSettledBatchList or GetTransactionList functions of the ReportingGateway.  I have the C# classes integrated into my ASP.NET solution, and I believe that I am successfully connecting to the gateway, and possibly getting transactions returned.  My problem is with the implementation of how to view information returned.  Ultimately I want to write the values to a csv file, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to work with the GetTransactionList function.  I've attached my code if that helps anyone.  I stopped short of including my poor attempts to access the returned data.


These are some other attempts

'Dim transactions As New List(Of AuthorizeNet.Batch)
'Dim transactions As IEnumerable(Of AuthorizeNet.Transaction) = New List(Of AuthorizeNet.Transaction)
'Dim transactions As New List(Of AuthorizeNet.Transaction)

'Current code...

Dim gate As New ReportingGateway(API,Key,ServiceMode.Live)

Dim transactions = gate.GetSettledBatchList(startdate, enddate, True)


According to Intellisense the last Dim will automatically make transactions an Object.


Just not sure where to take it from here.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


Not sure about VB

but they have the reporting gatway test


maybe is something like transactions(0).id ??