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Rough Estimate for cost of website Integration!!

Hello Everyone!!

A newbie here with a silly question, hope you will answer it rightly. I'd like a ballpark figure for the cost of integrating an payment system onto my website, where users may submit and keep their credit card information just so our organization can bill their cards a variable monthly billing amount. We have a small monthly billing scheme with roughly 135 consumers.

Please give me an approximate estimate of the cost if you have any experience with it or have any inclination. We also have a few additional ideas, but we'll only choose what's flexible and affordable.



Keep in mind that for most clients, there's no real difference between $1,000 and $5,000. Both are a fraction of the annual marketing budget. Don't be afraid to toss out bigger initial numbers. Even if it causes you to lose 80% of the clients you'd have signed, you'll be making the same amount of money with 20% of the work.

Also, focus on building relationships. If you come recommended from an agency, friend, supplier, etc., the client will happily pay a premium because it gives the peace of mind.

I typically design sites for regional non-profits and small-but-well-established businesses. They rarely blink at anything under $10,000 if they trust that you'll do it right.