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SCA 3D Secure

Hi everyone,


We are looking forward to integrate 3D Secure in our integration with Authorize.Net with the scope of being SCA compliant.


Currently we found as a 3rd party provider for Customer Authentication Services, Cardinal, as also suggested on a blogpost here on the community page.


My question to you is what other Customer Authentication 3rd party solutions have you integrated with Authorize.Net in the scope of 3D Secure flows ? And how was your experience during the integration (documentation, code samples, libraries) ?





Have you found anything else in regards to SCA resources? 

@nastase and @dnetzer

I’ve made a project of looking up the facts on this, as it is abuzz everywhere. I read the entire directive while waiting at the Drs office the other day. I don’t think that most customers have anything to worry about.

the directive addresses payment service providers. That is what the whole thing is about. This means, your bank, and the person buying on your site’s bank and card issuer. Your business comes into play when your business has the checkout page.

The directive applies to transactions carried out within the Union, meaning the EU, and there is what is called by shorthand the “one leg out” rule, which means that if your business is not within the union or your bank is not within then Union, you are not part of this. is not located in Europe, so I don’t think they are part of this either.
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