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SFCC Paypal Express integration

We are on SFCC and SFRA 4.0.  We have the cybersource cartridge version 21.1.0

I have been trying to implement Paypal Express and just am not figuring out a couple of things...

1.  I have a sandbox and developer account set up with paypal with a merchant ID and secret phrases and all, but I'm not clear what I should be doing with these.  Documentation I read says to send it to Cybersource, but I'm sort of blocked here.  We are supposed to go through Wells Fargo Payment Gateway and so far this information has not gotten to Cybersource and we're all unclear as to whether it needs to.

2.  I create a paypal button.  I don't know what it is supposed to call when it's clicked.  I've dug around the code quite a bit, but I haven't found what the actual functionality of the paypal button is supposed to be.  We have modified the default checkout flow as well, so we don't show the payment method content and tabs like in the default SFRA code.  So when a user selects "paypal" as a payment method, I change the submit payment button to a paypal button.  But right now it just fires this CheckoutServices-SubmitPayment controller and I have no idea what the paypal-specific stuff should be.  

I guess I should point out and was just made aware of this that maybe paypal express is not what we want?  That's maybe an "old" way of integrating paypal?  I dunno.  I will also point out that we're working with paypal.  so...


Hi, have you fixed the issue. While using SFCC and SFRA 4.0.  We have the cybersource cartridge version 21.1.0 for comfort bikes business. As I am also trying to integrate paypal. But its not getting to be integrated. As our technical expert also check different loops but not finding any way.