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SIM Results Redirect

I have a page the calls the Host payment form.  Upon authorization the receipt page is displayed where the user is required to click the post button to return to the web site and save the payment in our application.  The problem is customer are not selecting the post button even though there is a big red message saying they have to click the button to save the payment.   How can I post the results back to my result page automatically where I can eliminate the user's action?


To auto post from the receipt page using javascript, you can modify the receipt footer to include the following html.


Footer Html:


<body onload="javascript&colon;window.document.forms[0].submit();"></body>


if you like to hide the entire receipt page with the javascript auto post, you can include the following styler in the header of the receipt page;


Header Markup:


<style type="text/css">body{display:none;}</style>


Srinivasan R

I don't recommend doing that, since all the post values will be on the receipt page that will get post to your result web page. Which mean someone could tampered with the post values, for example, from decline to approved.