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SIM: Why only a 'Receipt' Button?

So many of our problems could be resolved if there was one more defineable button available to ABORT AND RETURN TO SITE (on all pages but receipt).


This way, if the user gets to the payment page but decides not to follow through, or has experienced an issue, they have any easy way to leave the gateway and return to our site.  Plus, we now know that the transaction didn't go through, so we can react accordingly (change pending to failed, have a support form waiting for them, etc.)


I realize it's not fool proof... but it would be a monumental help. 


This seems so so easy to implement - why is it not there?




Hi corner,


This is a great suggestion, and I can't really say why it's not there already. But I will pass this on to our developers as feedback.





Developer Community Manager

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I am new here to but have been using PayPal Dev for quite some time.  One thing I did notice is that you can post custom footers in the POST form or set it in the Merchant Account page.

A possible solution would be to place a link back to the site in the custom footer (or header).  Just an idea and .02