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Safely restoring mysqlbackup from sbt without impacting running DBs

We've had a situation where a user has deleted a few rows from one of the DBs running on a mysql server. This server has ~25 DBs. The databases are protected using mysqlbackup, including using an sbt library to send the backups to netbackup.

When I do the restore I need to be sure that it won't overwrite the running prod database. I have a dev server I can use which has roughly the same DBs, and app teams have said we can't overwrite the dev DBs.

Ideally I'd like to run something that would just grab the files and dump them to a location without doing anything further, and I could then use a separate system or container to recover, run one SELECT query and then dump it.

We have support from Oracle, but that's in the process of being added for me (previous admins who used to look after this are no longer with the company). I've talked to the person who designed the current backup process, but they only had in mind doing "oops I dumped the DB" style recoveries, so aren't sure how to do a restore that doesn't overwrite the running DB.

Hoping that someone here may have specific experience with this?



As I was researching options to backup MySQL to TSM, I came across this thread. I thought I'd share this, which I also found:


Any feedback on experiences using MEB with the TDP for Oracle would be interesting to hear.

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