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Sample byte array signature key

I'm testing the sha512 transaction response using the php sdk. I have a few questions and requests:


-Is it possible someone on the development side could post a validated byte array version of a sample signature key? This would help in my devleopment, as I think I have a proper byte array but I am not getting the same hashed value. If I could use my programming script on a made up signature key given by auth net and produce the same value for the byte array also given by auth net, that would be one box I could check off in the process of elimination.  


-related, the documentation says that we use the "amount returned in the create transaction response......".  On the transactions I am testing the API response doesn't return an amount. Could this possibly be why I am not getting the correct value? I am using a script where I manually enter the amount I passed in the  API call.


-related again, as this functionality is newly implemented, is it the case that the sandbox transactions aren't working just yet?


Thank you.

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