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Sandbox Accepted Hosted and Transaction List / Webhooks

The flow I am implementing is along the lines of:


  1. User completes payment step using Accepted Hosted form in an iFrame
  2. Server waits for a webhook to process transaction and update database

I have completed step 1. But it seems that completing a payment using Accepted Hosted does not create a new transaction in the transaction interface and no webhook is fired. How am I then supposed to test this flow? In particular since from reading the documentation and forum posts, it seems that upon receiving the webook I have to make yet another trip to get the transaction details to figure out what the transaction was for (this should really be included in the webhook).


I've used the webhooks "pings" feature to verify I can receive and authenticate a webhook request, but I have not been able to test anything beyond that. What am I supposed to do to test this?


Hi @felixschl,


Completing the payment in Accept Hosted should definitely fire a Webhook, and that Webhook will include a payload that should give you some information what it's for.


So, if you're not receiving the Webhook, let's troubleshoot that. Is your Webhook set to "active"? Can you create another Webhook set to a address and see if that's getting notifications?

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