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Sandbox PHP CIM add payment

I have a sandbox account and am able to add a customer profile to that account. But an not able to add a payment method.
I have the Accept and CIM in sandbox mode using SDK 1.9.3 PHP.   The SDK works find in production mode with a production account.
The Add Payment iFram show, but on save indicates that CIM is not enabled.
The PHP is using as the URL when in site is in sandbox mode.

This on are testing site, which was working before, but the developers that set all this up did not document it and are no longer available.



The iFram that is presented is from a call for "getHostedProfilePageRequest".  The CIM not enabled is an error in the iFram and does not show in the response.
The sandbox account is NOT in test mode,  but my site is in sandbox mode as that is the only way I could add a profile.
The profile I add is there with its address.  The iFram request has the profile ID I created before.