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Sandbox did not settle transactions after changing cut-off time

My sandbox has been set up and working for a long time. My test transactions would always be settled the day after I submitted them.


Yesterday I changed my cut-off time from 9:00 pm to 3:20 pm. It was 3:09 when I made this change. My hope was that this would settle the transactions at 3:20 pm yesterday so that I could finalize some testing that I was doing.


The transactions did not settle yesterday. I figured that they would be settled today as they normally were in the past, but when I logged in today the transactions were still unsettled.


Could this be because it's a Saturday (non-business day) and transactions don't settle on the weekend? I don't normally test on the weekend so I'm not sure if this is a factor or not.


What can I do to get these transactions to settle?