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Sandbox throwing Error E00001 for all requests

Is the sandbox down? It was working fine an hour ago.

5 REPLIES 5 "try it" also returns the same error:


Response: E00001 : An error occurred during processing. Please try again.


And falsely claims that the sandbox environment is operational.




I've sent two emails to as well as seeing this thread on the forum.  It's been over 2 hours since we began seeing issues and nobody from Authorize.Net has responded to this latest of many outages in the sandbox.


We use this the sandbox for training and troubleshooting customer issues as well as development.  It's been unreliable in the last 6 months and the fact that we can't get rapid responses from Authorize.Net acknowledging that they are even looking at the problem is very frustrating.  The "We will review your email and get back to you within 48 hours during normal business hours" is neither comforting nor acceptable.


The sandbox should be treated as a production environment with a similar level of reliability and customer support as the live environment.  Auth.Net wishes for developers and affiliates to sell their product.  It becomes very difficult when we have this kind of support.

and... now it's working again.


Looks like the sandbox is down again as of 5 minutes ago.

And it's back...