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Semi-Integrated Environment - Python


Hello Forum,


I was reading the documents on the Semi-Integrated Environment and it sounds like the perfect solution for my issue.  However, I see the only SDK for a computer is for Windows, and it's a Visual Studio solution.  I'm a Python programmer and I've written a simple POS that will show the user how much to charge a card, log transactions on the backend, print receipts, etc... My hope was to find a way to simply pass say a transaction ID to something (this SDK) and have it grab the information from the Chipper, process the transaction, and then respond with a confirmation.  Or even simply a way to tell my Python it's "Done" and then I can ask the backend API for status with the Transaction ID I created as a key.


The SDK documentation says this is possible, but it only shows how to do this in Visual Studio ( I assume CSharp?).  


Is there any way to do this from Python, PHP, even like Perl? 

Am I looking at this the completely wrong way?