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Shocked that DPM cannot be used to add credit cards to CIM

I'm really surprised that Authorize.Net does not offer a direct post method for adding and managing credit cards in CIM. Braintree's Transparent Redirect offers exactly the solution I need. Since you already offer DPM for live transactions, it would not be hard to add a similar way to create credit cards. Take a look at the Braintree docs for ideas:


The CIM product is so close to solving my problems, but unfortunately this one lacking feature makes it useless to me. There is currently no way for me to use it without credit card details passing through my network. The only way to create a credit card is via an API call, it cannot be done via DPM.


For PCI compliance reasons, I don't ever want credit card information in my network. I would think that most of Authorize.Net's customers would be in this same situation. Not everyone has the money, time, or infrastructure to meet the PCI requirements that allow credit card data to pass though our networks. Auth.Net could probably sell a lot more CIM services if there was a way to add credit cards via DPM.


Am I just missing something and there is a solution? It is critical that Auth.Net offer this so that customers like me do not have to meet as stringent PCI compliance requirements.


Alternatively, I could make due with the current DPM solution if a flag could be set that would add that card to the CIM and associate it with a user profile. But my understanding is that the current DPM solution doesn't integrate at all with CIM.

Is any solution to this problem in development? Any estimated timeline? How do I find out about new feature releases? Is there a place to request to be a beta teser?