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Silent Post Issue after changing URL

I have come across a strange issue.   We are in the process of moving our website to a new server.  Currently we have some payment apps (sim, on both the new server and the current server we are moving away from.


Everything works fine when the silent post URL is on the old server, but when I copy exact same page over to the new server and update the silent post URL to go to this new page on the new server it works for payments submitted from the old site/server but payments submitted from new server the silent page doesn't get sent anything at all.


Anyone have any ideas for things I could check?




Sound like there is an issue with the relay response page.

You could just just the silent post page as it use the same process on end. just set the x_relay_url to your silent post url.

Figured out my original issue after trying various things I found in other forum posts.


To get the two payment forms to work with the silent post URL on the new server I just had to add this to the Page setting of the page that was submitted to




Must be related to the .NET Frameworks.  The old silent post URL was .net 2.0 and the new server its on is 4.0.  The two sites that did not work after switching the silent post page to 4.0 were also 4.0.