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Slient Post URL is not working in ARB

I am using Authorize.NET Automatic Recurring Billing Service in my C# application and I was able to integrate recurring payment successfully.


Suppose I am using annual recurring profile. On Jan 1st,2014 I started my subscription and next payment date would be Jan 1st, 2015. In that case is it possible to get the transaction details happened on that date(i.e Jan 1st, 2015). i.e I want to store the details of each recurring transaction in my local database.


For that I configured the Url in Slient Post, but nothing is happening. I have the parameters for ARB as mentioned in But Silent Post Url is not working.


You can only get transaction detail or silent post after the transaction happened, which will be Jan 1st 2015.


Is this a sandbox account? sandbox do NOT create transaction for ARB.