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Slow response time from AuthorizeNet API



We are experiencing very slow response times from Authorize.Net servers, about 40 to 50 seconds, both from Sandbox and Production servers. 


Any idea what could be causing this?


We are using the C# .NET API and are doing a transaction request for a credit card payment (transactionTypeEnum.authCaptureTransaction). The call to controller.Execute() takes about 45 seconds to come back. This code had been working fine for months.


I get the same slow response times when I try the Charge a Credit Card example on the website.




Jean-Marc Palmier






I believe that the service is working fine for most cases, since I just tried out the Charge a Credit Card example from this link

However, this might be a problem for the particular geo location you are accessing the APIs from. Authorize.Net uses Akamai SureRoute for routing your requests to the server closest to the origin. It might be a problem on that side.

If it is possible for you, can you try to get your code to run from an IP which has a different location?

Otherwise, you can let us know your location, and we can try to work this out internally.



Hope this helps.

Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer




We are doing the calls from San Francisco, California. My IP address is We have tried it from other servers but all in San Francisco. The response time was slow too.


I might be able to try it from a server outside of California, like Wichita, Kansas.


Thanks for your help,


Jean-Marc Palmier

Hi Akagarwa,


Any news on this issue? We are still exeriencing response times of ~45 seconds from the AuthorizeNET server. We also tried it from a location in Missouri and it was just as slow.




Jean-Marc Palmier



If you have not already done so, please contact customer support by phone at 877-447-3938 to report this issue.  The CS team can better support these types of operational issues with our platform.



Hi Richard,


Ok, I will try customer support.





Was this resolved for you? I am observing 10-20 second response times, usually closer to 20.

We have been experiencing response times of 22 seconds on average for ALL transactions. Very frustrating! I'm creating a new topic now.