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Slow response to sandbox;

There have been earlier comments on this, but none current, so I'm staring again.


I'm hitting and waiting 40-50 seconds for a response. This is both from a test client (Paw) and from the web page:


It's down to 27 seconds in come cases. Just tested via a different network and it was 40 seconds.


I need to know if this how it works, if so, it's not useful.


If this is just how a sandbox account works, then I need a way to end test posts to a live account, which doesn't look like is avaialble anymore if I read that right.



Just bouncing this again to see if anyone from would like to comment...



Hello @leehinde


Are you seeing this problem consistently or intermittently?  It might also help to understand how you are connecting to the sandbox, if via SDK or API.  Is the delay for any transaction or just specific transaction types?



It's every time I try.


Both from the api reference web page:


And I constructed a hit in Paw to see if it was different.


The first sample in the api reference (authentication) is fast. It's the second example, Charge a Credit Card, that takes 30-40 seconds to respond.




Could you provide a full sample request for us to examine?





  1. Go to the example page at
  2. Provide the credentials needed at the top of the page under Authentication and the Sandbox Credentials tab.
  3. Click "Send" under the Try It tab. ( I am using json, but the format doesn't change the response time.)
  4. Scroll down to Charge A Credit Card
  5. The credentials entered above should be entered in the sample there.
  6. Click the Try It tab.
  7. Click the Send button.



Very odd.  When I test using the api reference, I get a response almost immediately.  Tested using multiple workstations on different networks.  Same results.


I also checked with our support team who monitor our systems.  They run automated tests against this exact method both via API and API Reference Try it page with a response in the range from 300ms to 1900ms.



@RichardH That's actually good news. I was hoping it was some idiosyncracy in my setup. Although, as I said, I tried on a different network as well. I'll keep working with it. 


Thanks for testing.