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Some fields aren't showing in my transactions

Hello, I am building a WordPress website and I used the plugin GetPaid to integrate into the website, I tested the payment gateway with a sandbox account and it was successful, then I went to the live account and I made a transaction and it was successful as well but the invoice number and the amount aren't showing in the transaction. Please if you can help with this!!


Well get used to native fields not working as you expected. The other issue is netsuite lacks consistency in how they name fields in different areas. So what it’s called in a form could be completely different than what it’s called in a saved search and it could have a third name in mapping fields for csv uploads. You really gotta go through the whole list of fields and look for anything in the ballpark of what you want. Sometimes checking the field ID can give you a clue if it may have a different name. Sorry I’m not much help.


It depends on the kind of action we take against the account. Some of our tools will close the account and put a notice on their profile page indicating the permanent suspension, others will also remove some or all of the content the account posted. One of the things we are working on is improving the transparency of those states so that it is clearer when and why we have taken action. It's been something we have discussed for a while and want to move forward in a thoughtful way that is both educational and respectful to our users.