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Still no answer about the "(E_WC_03) Accept.js is not loaded correctly" problem



We eally need somebody at Authorize.NET to give some feedback to this problem.


My customers cannot run their business with your service because we get this error.


Please advise.


This is my first experience with a real problem from Is it typical that they just never fix bugs? What does it take to get action?


You get this error in the console?

I usually, although not invariably, get code E_WC_03, text "Accept.js is not loaded correctly" from Accept.js.


Strangely, I only have the problem with Firefox (my preferred browser) but not with Chrome or Edge. I even created a brand new virgin Firefox profile and still got the error so it is not any sort of caching/cookies issue.


Let me clarify- this error comes up in your browser window? The console will be found in developer tools or whatever the equivalent is on your browser. I use google chrome for debugging.
Just looking at posts and this appears to be consistent for many users. It was a cdn issue last time. Not sure what it is now and its strange that it only happens on Firefox. When you say a virgin profile, what do you mean?


The message is not automatically displayed on the console. It is in the response returned from Accept.js and my code displays it on the console from there.

By virgin profile I meant one that had never interacted with, or anything at all, before.


Even if it is a new window it will still have the cdn file cached. The cache is maintained even after the session is closed.

I have the same issue happening in Chrome.


I have not tested in awhile and all was working before (no code changes) and now I am getting the E_WC_03 error.



@Fiala1904 @Renaissance @icible @rpenn 

having same problem with out client too. everything was working fine, suddenly started getting this error. any solution?


we are using Accept.js with ?ver=, not sure why still same caching issue? ref given below :

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{time()}}" charset="utf-8"> </script>

ref :