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Still no answer about the "(E_WC_03) Accept.js is not loaded correctly" problem



We eally need somebody at Authorize.NET to give some feedback to this problem.


My customers cannot run their business with your service because we get this error.


Please advise.


After a long time, the exact problem that I was having suddenly went away around Nov 22. It has been working to my satisfaction since then.

I solved the problem by clearing cache and cookies from my local browser. I was using Chrome. This isssue was only happening in our test account.


Still don't understand why cache had anything to do with the issue but it at least solved the problem for my client.

Testing today and receiving the same error again. The response of clearing cache is getting old. Is there a new url to use. I am using AcceptUI.js.


Accept.js is not loaded correctly / E_WC_003


Tired of this issue. I can't test with this issue constantly poping up.


Now I am getting complaints that the Credit Card Fields (other than the CCV code field) are disabled in production. I have not changed this code in ages.


What is going on? Any other solutions?