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Testing Akamai in the Sandbox

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  • Sandbox URLs are unchanged and are already configured with Akamai for testing
  • Version 1.8.5 of our language SDKs are configured to use the new Akamai endpoints
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Is there any changes to the url for the sandbox too? I couldn't find any information on this in the article and FAQ





Hello @zan


The sandbox URLs are unchanged.  They now include the Akamai network changes and are ready for you to begin testing.



That doesn't make sense. If the change in production is just to change the URL to Secure2, but the sanbox URL is unchanged? Then what am I testing in the sandbox? The network changes that are going on behind the scenes? So If I sned to the same Gateway url for the sanbox and everthing seems to work, then the productionURL will work?

  • Phase One (Now through June 2016) – We have created three new URLs for transaction processing that are hosted by Akamai. You can update your website or payment solution to point to the new transaction URLs today, which will provide the immediate benefits detailed above. Come October, merchants connected to Akamai should no longer be affected by planned downtimes.

  • Phase Two (June 2016) – We will automatically direct all of our existing transaction processing URLs to connect through Akamai in June of 2016. After this change, all transaction URLs will connect to Authorize.Net through Akamai.


Because for production, they need to make sure it work before moving to everyone.

On sandbox, it call sandbox for a reason, it the test server.



So, @RaynorC1emen7, in response to @mbalog99's question, are you basically saying that sandbox orgs have already entered into Phase One (transaction processing automatically being directed through Akamai), while production orgs are still in Phase Two (the user has an option to switch to a new url in order to test transaction processing through Akamai)?

Hello @egdavis  


Your summary is absolutely correct, our sandbox uses Akamai now.



Akamai is available for testing now in our sandbox environment. We strongly encourage you to test your solution prior to making any production change to ensure that you will not experience any disruptions to transaction processing.


The way I read it, yes. The sandbox is using it.

Then on production phase two, will push to the old url (for everyone). I would said if anyone have connection issue on production shold try the new url.

Great, thanks!

Hello Richard,


Is this new url updated in sdk libraries? If not when will get update?