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Testing Akamai in the Sandbox

A discussion related to


  • Sandbox URLs are unchanged and are already configured with Akamai for testing
  • Version 1.8.5 of our language SDKs are configured to use the new Akamai endpoints
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Change it if you want to, on phase two, it will roll out to the existing url.

I second @kandha inquiry regarding SDK updates. We are using the nuget package for CIM transactions on our website.

I thought the implementation of Akamai had already gone live in production.  Am I mistaken?


We were unable to process transactions about 1 month ago.   That's when I learned of the Akamai project.


Did I read the FAQ wrong?  Am I imagining that we were unable to process transactions?  Opening the firewall solved our problem.


Any info would be appreciated.




If you read the link. Phase one now to June, 2016, to use Akamai, you will need to change the production url.

Phase two, on June, 2016, change it to the existing production url.


About a month about they change their SSL cert.


For the record, I can read and have read both the current FAQ and the message posted to this developer forum.  I fully understand the time table and the implications.


I read the FAQ at that time of our issue, June 26-27.  I could swear that the time table was different from the current posted FAQ.  There is no history and it's not at   If someone can confirm that prior to June 26 the schedule for implementation was the same as it is now then that would be helpful.


The time of our issue does coninside with the SSL cert change.  However,  we've already worked through the issue of certificate validation when we created the payment workstations.  Good idea...





Hi Sir,


In production each transaction is giving error after pointing to the new Akamai transaction URLs. It is because of the Python API (Authorizesauce) which is giving errors like AVS issue, Split() function error and General errors etc.,


Please provide me the Request and Response code documentation of the New Akamai URLs, so that we will update the Python API.


Currently reverted again to the Previous transaction URLs. Please let me know if I dont update my Python library will these errors come even after June 2016 in Phase2.








Not a python programmer, but sound like the code assuming it getting some delimited  response but not. Can it output the raw response instead of trying to split the non-delimited response?

Have you tested this in the sandbox?  The sandbox is setup now for testing with Akamai prior to changing your URL to the production Akamai endpoint.




We are using in our application which is already developed. How to know weather we are connecting to Authorize.Net via IP address or url's.


I am able to see two urls are used in our applictaion are as follows :


TEST_URL = "";
public const string URL = "";


Please let us know.





SOunds like you answered your question.... you found URL's