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Testing Prior Authorization Capture Transaction

I am testing integration with Authorize.Net AIM. I am able to successfully test an Authorization Only Transaction. However, I cannot find any way to successfully test a Prior Authorization Capture Transaction. When in testing mode, an Authorization Only Transaction returns a "0" for a Transaction ID. This is as documented and not necessarily a problem. However, a Prior Authorization Capture Transaction requires a non-zero Transaction ID. Is there a valid Transaction ID I can use to test Prior Authorization Capture Transactions?


then after one day we will void the authorized transaction  by passing prior_auth_captured transaction id.

Once it is capture and settled, you can't void the transaction anymore.


Other then that it look correct.

Hi Sir,
Please confirm that the procedure we are trying to follow is correct or not,
I did mistake in last question so I am reposthis question
Now I am giving example
1) First we  authorize 100 USD by passing order invoice id then after 2 days we will prior_auth_capture the authorized  transaction of amount 80 USD by passing authorized transaction id .
then after one day we will void the authorized transaction  by passing auth transaction id(got while authorizing the amount ).
then after one day we will send two request for refund against prior_auth_captured  transaction of amount 20USD .20 USD. respectively 
Please confirm. Am i following the right way or not

what was the point of the void transaction? when you ran prior_auth_capture with an amount that it less then the auth_only amount, the different will be released from the credit hold automatically.


Please confirm Am I correct or not

1) I am using void transaction to release the remaining amount with in a day after prior_auth_capture else it will take a couple of days?

2) Should we use void transaction to release the amount or not?.

3) Is void transaction  used to release the amount after authorization and after prior_auth_capture?

4) First I auth_only 100USD then capture 80USD using  prior_auth_capture  by passing authrization transaction id and amt.  then after one day I will make a void transaction against  auth_only transaction Id then will make multiple refund transaction against prior_auth_capture transaction

4.1) In this (4#) should we require void transaction?

4.2) forth point will work properly.








Hello Manish786,


Please note that submitting a void transaction on an unsettled transaction will cancel the entire transaction, it cannot be used to return a partial amount.


In your scenario, auth_only begins the transaction and will put the amount on hold for up to 30 days, but the funds will not settle.  A prior_auth_capture will set the amount to settle which occurs only once every 24 hours and begins after the transaction cut-off time specified in the merchant interface.  After a transaction has settled, you may issue multiple refund transactions up to the total amount originally authorized.


You can watch the following video to better understand how authorization, capture and settlement works.



Hi Sir ,


First I'm authorizing order by passing invoice number  then  in reply we get authorization id and auth code then I want to capture the transaction using  prior_auth_capture by passing authorization id only.

If I'm using invoice number also then which invoice number I need to use 

1) which we used while authorizing the order.

2) Or we can use any one.  












for prior_auth_capture, you can only use transactionID

here a list of Minimum Required Fields


the invoice# is for your infomation only, as far as I know it is only save on the auth_only transaction.

Hi Sir,



According to our business requirement, we have to release left out authorized amount once the all the required capture transactions get settled. I'm doing AUTH_ONLY transaction and then PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE transaction of shipped order items. For cancelled items I need to do void transaction.

I need to know EXACTLY HOW MANY DAYS it takes to release left out authorized amount. As per our business needs we CAN'T HOLD customer's amount unneccsarily.

And second input I need is when I'm trying to do void transaction against authorization transaction then its not happening and showing


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