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Testing eCheck Unsuccessful



I have been trying to do an eCheck test transaction and have been unsuccessful. I tried the solution offered here:

(real routing number, random account number) but it did not work. The account is in test mode, and I received an error of The ABA code is invalid. (3-9)


Can someone please offer some assistance?


The Federal Reserve provides a list of valid routing numbers that you may use on their website:






Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

I have also been attempting to test my CIM integration by adding a payment profile for an eCheck (credit card payment profiles are successfully created). I have tried using one of the routing numbers listed on the Federal Reserve list as well as the routing number for my own bank (which I know lets me pay via eCheck), but I keep getting the same error:



ACH transactions are not accepted by this merchant.


I am using the test server (, and I have tried with the validationMode value set as both testMode and liveMode, and I get the same error no matter what I try.



I have searched these forums and the internet, and all I find is use a valid routing number and a fake account number and things will work.  I am not finding this to be the case. Is it not possible to test eChecks in on the test server?


If I can't get this squared away, I will not be able to support eChecks in my integration.

It appears that it is not possible to test eChecks on the test server with a test/developer account. Can someone please confirm this?

It is possible to test eCheck.Net transactions in the test environment, however you need to follow the instructions in the Test Account Activation Guide (which is sent to you in your activation email when you request/need a dedicated test account) and send a request to enable eCheck.Net services to



Thank you,



The Federal Reserve provides a list of valid routing numbers that you may use on their website:



Wow... i've beeen struggling with this wrong ABA for 2 days.... :smileymad: Is this valuable bit of information in the otherwise excellent documentation?