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Timeout with CIM createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest



I am encountering an issue that only seems to happen from time to time. I am using the HTTP POST method for CIM with the URL at


Occasionally, certain calls to createCustomerProfileTransaction will cause a timeout. I have our timeout threshold set to 10 seconds, which I would think would be sufficient. The majority of requests go through just fine.


The bigger issue is that these transactions actually end up still going through. Since I received no response, there's no way for me to tell whether the transaction was successful or not.


Is there a best practice to handling these issues? Should my timeout be set higher or should I be doing something else to address this?


Thanks for the help!



The maximum duration of an API call to our system is 20 seconds. However, it is incredibly unlikely that you are really seeing any calls that are taking more than 10 seconds on our side. I would suspect that there is something else going on with your implementation that is preventing you from recording the response, but I have no way of guessing precisely what that might be.
Administrator Administrator

Thanks for the response, Joy.


It's very strange, I agree. We previously used a SOAP implementation and never experienced these timeouts. Now that we are using the XML implementation, they're happening every once in awhile. We are hitting the web service via CURL and sometimes are seeing requests that reach our time limit.


I'll increase our limit to 20 seconds and put some logging in place. Any other suggestions you have are highly appreciated.


Thank you!