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Token vs Profile

Working on a new project to replace an old system.  I'm told by my client that they were told by Authorize.NET that they could transfer/export all of the tokens out of their old provider (using another merchant account and payment processor) and make them available for use in their new A.NET account.  At least, that's what I've been told.  If they do that, what will it look like in A.NET?  Will they be customers in CIM with profiles and payment profiles?  Something else?  I saw in the "Charge a Tokenized Credit Card" in the A.NET API documentation, but I had planned on using profiles for the new customers that we'll be adding moving forward.  Is there a difference?  If so, is it possible to get from profiles to tokens or tokens to profiles so that all of our customers (old and new) will be charged with the same mechanism?  Instead of profiles, can I tokenize new credit cards and use tokens moving forward?  If so, how?


Just looking for some more information on how these tokens are likely to come over from the old system and how I can best be prepared for the migration what it happens.