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Transaction failed Very first time after opening the application

I am trying to integrate inperson-sdk for one my iOS applications and I have my own merchant account.

I have downloaded the SDK from the below link


1. After downloading the SDK tried changing username, password and mobile device id.

2. Since the account is live and in test mode I disabled sandbox switch.

3. After successful login, the sample app is an online liquor sale application I selected SAM ADAMS $3 (Product) -> Pay -> Quick Chip Transaction (I set the terminal mode as Bluetooth).


Here on the next page showing device not detected but I connected my POS device with iPhone as soon as I am receiving an alert message with the message "Transaction Failed" after repeated ON and OFF the POS device and try reconnected with the device only I can able to success the transaction.


The transaction got failed for the very first time only when we open an application? Please let me know why this is happening and what step I need to take.