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Unable to connect to secure2 - CFMX7

This is getting a little frustrating :)


I've added all the certificates listed here:


to my keystore. Checked the thumbprints and they are all definitely there.


But I am still unable to connect to /gateway/transact.dll


"Certificate signature validation failed" is the error I'm getting in the console.


I'm running Coldfusion MX7 on Java 1.4.2x and TLSv1  that defintely supports SHA256 and I've had no issues with Paypal SHA256 certs.


I'm trying to access from


Is it possible that an intermediate certificate from my SSL cert provider is causing this failure if  their cert is SHA-1 ?


Any other suggestions?


Any and all help appreciated.


Hello @iceninexp


We encourage developers to keep the platforms, systems and tools up to date to maintain compliance with PCI Standards. There is also a blog post with some good source information for ColdFusion


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