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Using Accept.js hosted form to process Subscription/Recurring payments

I see post about this subject, but they are all older posts.   Is their an update for using the Accept.js to process Subscription/Recurring payments.   



Hi @jlhutto


You can use the Accept.js token to create a subscription .


<ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">
<name>Sample subscription</name>





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I set it up but Now I'm getting this error.


E00114 Invalid OTS Token


Hello @jlhutto


An E00114 error typically occurs when you attempt to use an Accept nonce twice.  If you need to make multiple transactions, you can:


1. Set the createProfile flag on createTransactionRequest.  If the transaction is successful, a customer profile is created which you can use for subsequent transactions.

2. Create a customer profile first using the Accept nonce and then use the customer profile to create subscriptions, transactions, etc.



Thanks for the reply... .  


I'm using the accept.js hosted payment page.   Then processing using the createTransacationRequest.    I don't see a createProfile flag.   


I found it in the chargeCreditCard api.    


I'm trying to stay in the SAQ A compliance and that requires me to just accept.js hosted form.

Is thier anyway other than creating the customer profile first?
I hate the idea of not knowing the credit card is good before creating the profile.





If you are using AcceptUI, and the payment nonce returned to create a transaction, you can set create profile:


profile The following field enables you to create a customer profile from the data sent to make the transaction.

createProfile Indicates whether to create a customer profile.

If set to true, a customer profile and payment profile will be generated from the customer and payment data.

Either true or false.


If your transaction is successful, it will contain a customer profile which can be used to create a subscription.


OR, if you only need to create a subscription but not immediately process a transaction, you can just use the nonce to create a subscription which will run on the date you specify.



I've been able to setup the profile using the information you provided. 

But if the customer already has a profile, it doesn't return the profileID.   

It just send the error.   


How can I get the ProfileID if they already have one?

I'm having a similar problem; I am using an integration not the hosted form.


When I pass the Accept.js token to charge a card once, it works fine. But when I use the token to create a subscription, it give me the E00114 error.


I am not currently attempting to create a profile, as our app doesn't use customer logins or profiles. I am also not trying to use the token for multiple transactions.


Do I need to create a profile for this? Is there anything else that could cause the E00114 error besides attempting to use the token twice?