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Using Direct Post with ARB

Is it possible to use the ARB service with Direct Post?


User chooses a subscription option (there are 3 options). Then whatever the user has chosen will be charged to their credit card once the Direct Post form is submitted.


The subscription prices vary according to the product they choose.

And there are several products to choose from with different prices as well.


Let's say 10 products with varying prices and 3 subscription options for each.


I'm really leaning towards using Direct Post Method as we can control the form while the CC data are stored in the servers. Please enlighten me on the best way to integrate the ARB.




I saw the XML and SOAP documentation for ARB, but I'm getting confused. It looks like I have to pass the data to using XML or SOAP format/ Is that right? Can I just include the fields as hidden fields in the DPM form that the customer will submit together with their CC information?




They are different API, so no.