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Validating European Diacritics SIM/DPM

I recently did an experiment trying to validate SIM/DPM  transaction responses in sha512. I was testing how to validate responses containing European Diacritics.  


I would like input from fellow developers as to how successful they are in their own processes, etc, and how they do it. My test was intended to implement validation completely on the response with no modification of characters in the API call for the transaction request. I am not sure if there is any other alternative in SIM, as customers will enter their own information on forms.


I have so far a script that will validate responses containing any or all of the following characters (I think, will do more testing when I have time).


ÁÀÂÃÄĂĀÅĄÆÉÈÊËĚĒĖĘÍÌÎÏĪį ÓÒÔÕÖŐØŒÚÙÛÜŰŪůÝĆČçĎĐĢĞĶŁĻŃÑŇŅŊŘŚŠŞßŤŦÞŢŻŹŽáàâãäăāåąæéèêëěēėęíìîïīıóòôõöőøœúùûüűūćčďđðģğķłļńñňņŋřśšşťŧþţżžźdýÐðų


I think this is a complete list, save one character, this one Į


For this character I am completely at a loss. My various encoding manipulations are unable to tell the difference between this and a period. So the email field in the response will be customer@mailĮcom


I've seen some threads where this is commented on and am making a thread devoted to the topic. 


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