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Visa cards not accepted for new CIM Profiles via Accept Customer Hosted Form

The problem seems to stem from the 0.00 verification transaction performs during the add.




Specifies how the payment gateway will validate the customer's card prior to creating the profile. Either liveMode or testMode. Defaults to liveMode.

liveMode generates a transaction to the processor in the amount of 0.01 or 0.00. If successful, the transaction is immediately voided. Visa authorizations in liveMode use 0.00 for all processors. All other credit card types use 0.01.

Standard gateway and merchant account fees may apply to the authorization transactions. For Visa transactions using 0.00, the billTo address and billTo zip fields are required.

testMode performs field validation only. All fields are validated. However, fields with unrestricted field definitions, such as telephone number, do not generate errors.

If you set this parameter to testMode, a 1.00 test transaction is submitted using the Luhn mod 10 algorithm to verify that the credit card number is in a valid format. This test transaction is not authorized at the processor, and does not appear on the customer's card statement, but it will generate and send a transaction receipt email to the merchant.

If a validation transaction is unsuccessful, the profile creation attempt fails, and the merchant receives an error.

Note: liveMode requires a billing address. If you do not want to collect a billing address, you must use testMode.

Is there some parameter that can be sent to the form to either prevent verification from occurring or setting the value to use for the verification? Barring this, is there some alternative that would allow this profile to be created?