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WPF Applications sharing data


I have a been working on a WPF application that gathers some kind of data from other PCs on the local network which is then displayed. However, I would like this application to be run on multiple PCs across the network with them being able to share "gathered data", so they display the same information and are in sync. Originally this was done with a shared network drive and xml files, however, as you can imagine, issues started arrising when multiple PCs started reading/writing to said files. I then thought of creating some kind of system where I have a program on one PC act as a server that gathers said information while all other PCs can retrieve information from the 'server'.

What is the best way to accomplish this? I've been looking into WCF/WPF, but I'm unsure if this is the best approach. I don't mean to create some super complex program, just something simple which is used locally at our work office.


If you have any ideas, comments or links to what might be the best solution, please do comment. Also, sorry if this isn't the correct sub to post this, not really sure where this would go if not here.