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Want to use AIM with non-web application

I've been trying to figure this out on my own for a week but am getting nowhere. I have a customer application written in Informix 4gl on an AIX server. This is a text-based system where the users connect to the system using Terminal emulators. I have no desire to add web-functionality to it.


What I have done in the past in terms of credit card processing was to use PERL subroutines to make the HTTP Post call to process the sale against the credit card and would expect the authorization information to be immediately returned to me as a response as part of that call. However, in reading the AIM documentation it appears that Authorize.Net wants me to set up a web-server with a SSL certificate and that the authorization information would be sent to me through that service as a seperate HTTP Post call originating from Is this really necessary to get the response information back?


BTW, the reason I think I need to use AIM is that I want to pass the card number as part of the call and have no user involvement at that time. I want to process the sales immediately after the warehouse workers pack the item and process it through our FedEx system so we have the exact dollar amount and immediately know to hold the shipment if the card fails.



Ignore me. In looking at the documentation for the 100th time I'm no longer seeing that requirement. I don't know if I was accidentally mixing up the DPM and AIM documention or what but either way I think I see what to do now.


I used AIM on my mobile application app, but my developer said this is not good for the app because it gain a lot of load time. 


I also used to AIM here it is a nice article. liteblue

liteblue is the united states Government website is designed and used only for postal service employees.

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