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WebHook: merchantReferenceId not present in Payload

Since about 4:00 PM CDT on 5/8/2022, the data that has been coming to my Webhook endpoint has been missing the "merchantReferenceId" field in the "payload" node in the request body.  I tested our integration in the Sandbox Environment and the "merchantReferenceId" field is present.  I am populating the RefID field in the Transaction Request properly.


I am not looking for my Merchant ID.  The "merchantReferenceId" is a field present in a Transaction Requests that allows us (the merchant) to provide a "reference ID" for a transaction.  That way, when the WebHook traffic comes to my WebHook upon a successful Authorization and Capture, it will provide the "reference ID" in the transaction details.  I can then look that up in my system and perform automation with it.  Right now, we are having to do a lot of manual touches to get our data corrected.

I am having the exact same problem, starting on the exact same date (5/8/22).


Glad to hear I am not the only person seeing this issue.  I have a support ticket in the support center in my Merchant Account, hopefully it gives them some traction in looking into this issue.

My client contacted them directly and was told there was no problem, which is clearly false.  Quite frustrating.  Hopefully others are having the problem and they'll start getting more complaints.

Also having this issue as of the posted date. "transRefId" is present in getTransactionDetailsResponse in sandbox environment, but not in production for our clients. This is after receiving a webhook notification and then using the transaction ID to look up the transaction that was captured.


We are also having this issue since around 5/8/2022. We stopped seing merchantReferenceId in the payload on the webhook since then.  

I tried chatting to Tech support about this in our merchant account, was sent to review documentation 


It looks like there was a change to the Production Environment pushed out sometime late on 5/12/2022 because the merchantReferenceId field is populated again for me and my automation is no longer failing.  Hopefully the rest of you that were impacted are seeing the fix as well.  Thanks for the fix Authorize.Net but can we get an explanation as to what happened?


I also see the merchantReferenceId suddenly showing up again late on 5/12.  No explanation, but glad it is back.