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Webhook Notifications For Delivery Status RetryPending Not Firing More Than Once



We are using SIM integration method for handling Credit Card Payment from our web application.


Now we want to use webhooks as well along with SIM because for some payments we are getting timeout error during relaying response between and our server.


Hence we have added one endpoint in webhook settings section of sandbox for testing. Everything is working correctly and we are getting response for our payment from relay as well as from webhooks.


We are using postman collection to fetch and verify webhook notifications for corresponding payments made from our application.


However we would like to simulate the scenario where webhook notification can not reach our endpoint. Hence to replicate this we just change endpoint url to some non reachable address.


So when we perform the payment from our application we received only one entry for webhook notification whose Delivery Status is RetryPending which corresponds to our payment.


We are assuming will keep on posting webhook notification until it reaches its limit theryby disabling the webhook. But we are not getting subsequent notification for RetryPending  status.


Please advise.




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