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What API to use to retrieve a customer's transaction history

I have seen this question before, with the non-answer of using the Transaction Details API, which is of course unable to get anything other than transaction batches.  Like others, I need to be able to get a particular customer's complete transaction history, much as i would see at the Authnet CIM screen when i am logged in.


The CIM API also does not seem to allow this either, which is strange as it is a function that is readily usable when logged in to teh site.


Does ANYONE know how what API can be used to pass in a Customer ID and then get all transactions relating to that customer?  It seems like Authnet MUST have function for that via the API, but in scouring both the CIM and TD APIs, netiher does it that I can see.


Hello @Talentville 


If you have the Transaction IDs for a particular user stored in your systems, it is possible to obtain the information using the transaction details API.  Also, Authorize.Net only stores transactions for the the last 3 years after which they are periodically archived.



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